IMOCO4.E - Intelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.E


IMOCO4.E will deliver a reference platform consisting of AI and digital twin toolchains and a set of mating building blocks for resilient manufacturing applications. The optimal energy efficient performance and easy configurability, traceability and cyber-security are crucial. The IMOCO4.E platform’s benefits will be directly verified in applications for semiconductor, packaging, industrial robotics and healthcare. Additionally, the project will demonstrate the results in other generic “motion-control-centred” domains affecting the entire value chain of the production automation and application markets. 

Role of Edilásio in the project: 

Edilásio aims to overmold wireless sensors (temperature, pressure) and RFID tags on plastic parts.The sensors will be produced in partnership with the INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory).The data transmitted by the sensors could be read by a controller device, in real time, to allow monitoring of the surrounding pressure and temperature conditions, as well as improving the process of identification and traceability of plastic parts. With this Edilásio intend to transpose the logics of industry 4.0 into the final product in order to introduce new functionalities in tools for plastic injection but also create innovative product with more add-value and high incorporation of R&D. 

Project data: 


Start Date: 01 September 2021

End Date: 31 August 2024

Type: H2020-ECSEL-RIA – ECSEL Research and Innovation Action

Contract Number: 101007311

Funding Agency: ECSEL Joint Undertaking and European Commission