I-MECH project is an ambitious European project, that aims to promote and strength European competitiveness in industrial areas, building a bridge between the last scientific research and the industrial practice. This project aims to get the European market closer to Industry 4.0, creating the reference tools for the development of all kinds of relevant activity sectors. Since its beginning, I-MECH can rely on the collaboration of a wide network of partners from multiple countries, representing some leading entities in their field, going from research centres to heavy industrial environments, offering a wide know-how to the project, as well as magnifying the applicability of itself. By the end of its development, I-MECH aims to create an European reference platform, where the software and hardware created will be available for a diverse range of industrial fields within Europe, and cementing European position in global markets. It will also be created an I-MECH centre, where all the knowledge gained will be gathered, allowing the continuous promotion of the obtained competences close to the public and providing a basis for further exploitation of new technics. For the proposed goals, the project will lean over 3 bases: • Integration of cyber control, self-diagnosis and real-time control; • Integration of sensoring and wireless systems, aiming to increase performance; • Development of a modular and unified system, of software and hardware, easing its integration in multiple contexts.



                                                                                                                According to its high industrial knowledge and with a wide range of technological equipment, Edilásio presents itself as one of the entities where the applicability is more noticeable. It is then the role of Edilásio to provide the specifications required for the relevant modules, and afterwards it will lead a demonstrator, installing and validating it, created with the focus in the moulding industry. Within the I-MECH working plan, Edilásio aims to help create and install sensoring devices, which will support the preventive maintenance. Given the size required to create such sensors, it is relevant to mention the strict ties between Edilásio and INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory), with whom it has been developed a close work in order to reach the best solution for the proposed challenges.